What's their Secret?

Secrets Resorts & Spas sat down with six everyday couples to learn their secrets to love. Now, we are sharing those secrets with you!  Whether they were together for 7 months or 28 years, all it took was a look for everything to change.

Johnny & Charlotte

Already friends, Johnny was taking Charlotte’s photo for his portfolio when sparks began to fly.  With the simple act of tucking her hair behind her ear for the perfect shot, Charlotte knew that she had more than friendly feelings for Johnny.  After a mutual friend spilled the beans to Johnny, a simple coffee date turned the once friends into so much more.  The two have been together for over a year and can’t wait to see what the future will bring.

Michael & Starr

Both from Oakland, California, Michael and Starr attended Pomona College.  They had heard of each other from mutual friends, but it wasn’t until their involvement with music that they officially met.  Michael performed as a lyricist/rapper and Starr performed as a singer.  After spending a year back in Oakland, Starr asked Michael to help her make the move away from home.  Michael went about and beyond helping her move her things and even unpack.  The two grabbed dinner after and the rest is history.  After six years, Michael and Starr continue to learn new things to love about each other.

Patty & Rai

It had been a long time since Rai, the London Native, had gone out on the town and let her hair down.  Finally relaxed and having fun, Rai found herself in the middle of a club dancing alone when she felt a presence behind her.  She turned around and locked eyes with Patty.  It was a connection that she couldn’t deny.  After a birthday dinner two weeks later, they talked until sunrise and the connection proved not to be a fluke.  Rai and Patty have been together for almost one year.

Rafael & Shawn

A whirlwind romance —  it was love at first sight for these two.  Just three days after meeting, Shawn invited Rafael to come home with her for the Christmas holiday.  During that trip. Rafael asked Shawn’s father for his blessing to marry her and a week later they moved in together.  It has been a year and the two haven’t been apart since.

Shannah & Jeff

Jeff had a 10-point checklist and Shannah had rules she was determined not to break.  Both were in for a surprise when they connected online.  Shannah made the first move and messaged Jeff, a rule she set for herself never to do! Her boldness paid off and the two have been together for four years and married for two.  Shannah checks off all ten of Jeff’s dating criteria!

Fred & Elizabeth

He was astonished, “She noticed me!”  When Fred and Elizabeth first met, Elizabeth was doing public relations for the symphony where Fred played the French horn.  After hearing a truly incredible piece of music performed by Fred, Elizabeth was compelled to compliment him on his performance.  A few days later, he worked up the courage to ask her to dinner.  To her surprise, they had a truly lovely evening.  28 years later and the two still look at each other as if it’s their very first date.

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