Marriage Requirements - Mexico

The following list of legal requirements are needed only for legal marriage. The

Secrets Akumal Wedding Coordinator must receive the following documents to

begin the application for marriage in the Civil Registry Office.

• Bride, Groom & four witnesses must arrive in Cancun four business days

prior (minimum) to the wedding day (Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays do

not count) with valid passports. Symbolic and non-legal ceremonies allow

flexibility for arrival date. Please speak with the wedding coordinator to

discuss requirements.

• Tourist Card (Receive these upon arrival at Cancun International Airport)

• If Bride is divorced and kept her married name on her passport, please

contact your Secrets Akumal Coordinator for more info.

• Blood test must be taken in Mexico. To be considered valid, the test should

not be taken more than 14 days prior to the ceremony. The blood will be

tested for HIV, STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) and blood type. The

results will be ready in 24 hours along with a certificate of the blood test

• The names, addresses, nationalities, ages, occupation, relationship, copy

of a tourist card and a valid identification of the four witnesses. Wedding

Coordinator will fill out the legal form. The witnesses can be relatives,

friends or anyone who has a valid passport.

• The Marriage Certificate will be provided by the judge in Spanish, your

wedding coordinator will be able to send it to translate. The process will take

approximately one month. The fee will be $80 USD +16% tax.

• The Marriage Certificate is only valid in Mexico. In order to make it legal

internationally, the Wedding Coordinator will send a copy of your License to

the Validation Process. The fee will be $70 USD +16% tax. The process will

take up to 2-6 months. Once the document is apostilled, the resort will send

all documentation to couples home address.

• NEW LEGAL REQUIREMENT! Special Certificate (CIR). Please send 2 months

prior the wedding scanned copies of the bride and groom’s passport

and birth certificates to request a NON marriage letter by Quintana Roo

State. This letter certifies the couple does not have a previous marriage

registered in the State of Quintana Roo. This Certification letter has an

additional fee. Please check with the wedding coordinator for details.

If someone is divorced, they must send a scanned copy of the Divorce

Decree & Birth Certificate Apostil , so the resort can send it to be translated

in Spanish by a certified translator in Mexico.