Social Responsibility

At Secrets Puerto Los Cabos we have adopted sustainability as a model to guide all of our activities, practices and services in order to continuously improve the effectiveness of our management system.

We are committed to take the necessary measures to ensure the conservation and protection of our natural resources and historical-cultural heritage, as well as contributing to the economic and social development of our community in a coherent and participatory manner.

Rainforest Alliance Certified™

Secrets Puerto Los Cabos is Rainforest Alliance Certified™ for its commitment to reducing its environmental impact within the resort and the surrounding community. The resort has adopted management practices and met specific criteria developed and/or endorsed by the Rainforest Alliance. 

Exemplary Practices for Sustainable Tourism


  • We promote the rational use of resources such as water, gas and light, through information campaigns and collaboration spaces with guests and suppliers, the acquisition of highly energy efficient equipment, automation systems, consumption monitoring and the operation of our treatment plant and desalination plant. 
  • We reduce waste production by avoiding the use of packaging and products that are not biodegradable or are toxic to the environment. 
  • We manage an integral plan for municipal solid waste and hazardous waste, which includes separation and recycling actions. 
  • We participate together with government agencies in environmental education, reforestation, conservation of natural areas and animal species. 
  • We carry out relevant environmental impact studies to ensure that our construction activities do not produce alterations to the environment.


  • We promote a clear business philosophy, mission, commitment, values and policies. 
  • We constantly train staff in environmental, social, cultural, prevention and labor competencies. 
  • We have plans in place for emergency or contingency care. 
  • We carry out activities of integration and recognition of good performance. 
  • We have maintenance and cleaning plans for all facilities and equipment.  We apply high quality standards. See Awards.


  • We guarantee equality in employment opportunities and hiring processes. 
  • We have adapted facilities for people with special needs. 
  • We promote respect in accordance with the law to the rights and labor benefits of all workers. 
  • We participate in social and cultural activities within the community, as well as donations to charitable institutions. 
  • We are spokespersons for the policy against commercial sexual exploitation of children.
  • We promote information to guests and collaborators on history, tradition, gastronomy and culture of Los Cabos. 
  • We partner with local suppliers for the purchase of inputs and the display of products.